Aim and Vision

mission statement

Our mission statement is at the heart of everything we do. We achieve this through ‘Growing educationally’, ‘Celebrating progress’, ‘Building confidence’, fostering ‘Feeling good’, ‘Making Friends’ and ‘Happiness and Success’

Growing Educationally – when your son or daughter joins Hawthorns, a comprehensive baseline assessment will be carried out to establish their particular needs.

This enables us to place your child within the most suitable learning environment with tailored personalized learning plans to challenge them and to be able to set rewarding, achievable targets.

Every class provides the specialist environment that will promote your child’s development. Our highly skilled staff are committed to providing the necessary nurturing and outstanding learning opportunities for every child in their care.

Celebrating Progress – celebrating your child’s achievements and success will be an integral part of their education here at Hawthorns. We know through experience that children who are regularly rewarded attain much higher standards and make constant progress in their education. Your child’s achievements will form their Record of Attainment and Achievement, which you will be able to monitor regularly to track their progress and witness their milestones.

We believe that strong links between home and school are important for a child’s development, so we encourage as much parental involvement as possible. By working together we ensure that both home and school have a clear picture of your child’s educational, social and emotional progress.

Being Confident -we believe that confidence plays a key part in a successful education and confident children with a positive outlook have a much better chance of growing into happy, successful, well- adjusted young people.

As your child’s confidence grows we knows that this will be reflected in their educational progress and educational progress builds confidence.

To that end, we foster a safe, warm and supportive environment with a wide range of interesting and exciting learning opportunities where children can experience happiness and success.

We place equal importance on academic progress and personal growth. These precepts are reflected in ‘Hawthorns’ unique curriculum which is continually reviewed  and adapted to meet the needs of every child.

Feeling Good – our Quiet Place is an innovative resource aimed specifically at helping our pupils to feel good about themselves. The space has been designed to develop pupils’ emotional intelligence and self confidence, improve behavior and deliver life skills, in a wholly therapeutic and relaxing environment. 

Having Friends – all children benefit from healthy relationships with their peers. These bonds give children an important sense of belonging and help them understand their role within the school and beyond. We help forge friendships through a wide range of collaborative learning opportunities and support all children to experience happiness and success.

Playtime is a very important part of your child’s day. Our play areas offer many different recreational spaces where they can enjoy time with their friends. Each recreational space has been designed to encourage children’s natural enthusiasm for play and provide opportunities to make friends and have fun.

Happiness and Success – happy children learn. Learning leads to success. This ensures all pupils experience happiness and success throughout their time at Hawthorns. Our happiness and success ethos is not only built into our curriculum but has also become the personal motto of all the teaching and support staff here at Hawthorns.

We believe that our pupils have an individual, unique, mix of educational needs, therefore they should have a personal education. Hawthorns has a strong leadership team which includes our governors, who make an invaluable contribution to the running of our school.

We operate a ‘open door’ policy at Hawthorns and parents and carers are welcome to visit the school at any time.

If you would like to come and meet us and have a look around the school, please call to arrange a visit on 0161 370 1312.