Everyone Learning @ Teaching School

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Hawthorns School became a designated  National Teaching School on the 1st April 2012. Following this, the everyone learning@ Teaching School Alliance was formed.

The work of the Alliance has developed as a result of the strong partnerships and working relationships with many schools and organisations from across Greater Manchester and beyond.

As the everyone learning @ Teaching School Alliance moves into its second year, we are able to celebrate the successes and impact in classrooms with better opportunities for all our learners.

In the everyone learning @ Teaching School Alliance we believe:

  • It’s about learning for everyone, creating knots of activity in which we can change perceptions, improve practice and sustain improvement, in an environment where links and connections are made between the best practice and provision.
  • The unique nature of our Alliance is a strong focus upon Joint Practice Development.
  • Reciprocity underpins all aspects of our work- we give generously in the knowledge that we will learn so much from the generosity of others.
  • We welcome innovation and the opportunity to research and reflect as we continue to grow. Consciously learning from the learning is at the heart of everything we do, using a range of strategies which make explicit the learning processes and skills which enabled the learning to emerge.


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