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cmccormick wrote: Thank you!
Chestnut and Elm Class have had an amazing week at the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust. Thank you to all the staff who have looked after us, especially Caroline, Stuart, Alex and Caz. ​ ​[video poster="" src="http://parentcarers2017.hawthornss (More)
cmccormick wrote: Lego Day
We really enjoyed our Lego Day. ​ [video poster="" src="http://parentcarers2017.hawthornsschool.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/45/2017/10/video_167019.mp4"][/video]​ (More)
cmccormick wrote: Thursday...down at the farm
It may be rainy today, but it hasn’t stopped us from having so much fun. Today is Lego day.  (More)