The Local Governing Body, was formed from the previous Governors of the former Hawthorns Community School in September 2013, which works closely with the Enquire Learning Trust to fulfill many statutory duties and responsibilities.

The vital challenge provided as critical friends is welcomed by the leadership of the school.

The Governors want the very best opportunities for the children attending Hawthorns School and all have a passion not to accept anything less than the best. The Governors work within a framework established by the Department of Education to ensure that at Hawthorns School there is:

  • clear clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  • sound allocation of financial resources and that those resources are used for that purpose intended.
  • a high level of accountability by the leadership of the school for the educational outcomes of the school.

Governors come from many walks of life and this provided a rich and diverse level of expertise which is valued and recognised by the school.

New Bridge Multi Academy Trust - Hawthorns School Local Governing Body (LGB) 2019-2020

Steve Foxen - Durnien

Chair  Governor

16/12/2016 15/12/2020 LGB/ Board
Billy Mulvaney Local Governor 16/12/2016 15/12/2020 Elected by parents
Rosario Sarno Local Governor 15/12/2017 14/12/2021 LGB/ Board
Susan Shaw Local Governor 15/12/2017 14/12/2021 Elected by staff
Pierre Coiffait Local Governor 01/09/2018   By virtue of office
Fiona Armstrong Local Governor     Elected by Parents

If you wish to contact our Chair of Governors, Mr Steve Foxen - Durnien, his correspondence address is

Hawthorns School, Lumb Lane, Audenshaw, Tameside, M34 5SF

Registered Business Interests

Governors Name Name & Address of Company or Body Nature of Business Nature of your Interest Name of Family Member and relationship to governor Name of Company or Body Nature of Business Nature of Interest
Steve Foxen - Durnien NONE     NONE      
Pierre Coiffait NONE     NONE      
Rosario Sarno NONE     NONE      
Susan Shaw NONE     NONE      
Billy Mulvaney NONE     NONE      
Fiona Armstrong NONE     NONE      


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