As a school we acknowledge the impact our enforced school closure will have on our pupils and families. It is a very uncertain time for all of us and we appreciate your support in this ever changing situation. It is very difficult to replicate a lot of the learning we do in school as the majority is very practical, hands on, and resource- reliant . We are aware that some of our children do not learn through worksheet type learning so we have considered very care fully the ways we can support you to ensure your child's learning is not adversely affected. 

Over the next few days class teams will be contacting you to provide you with guidance which may include lists of free online resources to access from home and advice to ensure that all curriculum areas are covered. 

Please refer to your child's Personalised Learning Plan given to you at the last parents evening which includes all your child's current targets. Class staff will provide a copy of this if you do not have one. 

Once your class team have made contact with you , they will be available via email/Twitter during the normal school hours , unless you are advised otherwise. 

As safeguarding is of paramount importance at Hawthorns we need to ensure you remain in regular contact with your class team. We want to maintain our strong relationships with parents during this difficult time. 

We appreciate your patience and support during these difficult times and we hope you and your family stay safe and well.