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How time flies!


We are now into our last half term and our last mini lockdown topic.  The new topic is Space and Aliens!  Sycamore Class do a topic on Space so ours is just for fun and hopefully learn some planet names.

The book Aliens Love Underpants is a fantastic story.  If you don’t already have a copy you can watch it on youtube:


I have posted a pack of fun learning for you to do - you should hopefully receive this soon.  Here are some more practical ideas that you can do too!


iPad apps - 

Lightbot coding 

AR Maker - use the space items

JigSpace - use the space items

Draw and Tell - draw a rocket, planets, ufo or aliens

PurpleMash -  topics/space - Paint projects and Mashcam astronaut

Epic - I have made a library of suitable fiction and non fiction books  (code lem4513)




Science - 

Galaxy slime: make blue and purple slime with glitter, and stars

Moon craters: mix 8 cups of cornflour and one cup of baby oil.  Put the mixture into a bowl or rectangular dish. Smooth it out to make a level surface.  Drop stones in from various heights and observe the craters.  Do they change depending on the height the stone is dropped?

Bubbling planets:  mix one cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of water. Add colouring of your choice.  Pat the mixture together to form the shape of a planet (if too crumbly add more water, if too runny add more baking soda) Move the planet onto a plate and add drops of vinegar.  And watch ...

When it is dark look outside, can you see the moon?  What shape is it?  Can you draw it?  Can you see stars?  How many can you count?

Rockets:  Make a cardboard tube rocket and attach a piece of string through it.  Tape the rocket to a deflated balloon.  Get some adults to hold the string at either end, blow up the balloon and release - how far and fast does your rocket travel?


Geography -

Look at planet Earth.  Can you see what is water and what is land?  Can you find different countries?  Can you find the UK?


Art and Craft - 

There are lots of ideas for Space/Aliens art and craft.  I will be posting more onto Twitter each week.  Here are some to get you started:

Create a moon vehicle - use junk modelling or Lego.

Spaceship porthole:  paint a paper plate black, leave to dry. Cut the centre circle out of a second paper plate and cover the outside left in foil, this can be lumpy and smooth.  Make some space themed pictures to stick on the black painted plate and stick this behind the foil outer ring.

Cardboard tube rocket:  use a cardboard tube, any size, and paint.  Add foil windows and tissue paper fire.

Flying saucers:  use paper plates or bowls, join together and decorate with aliens.  You can add a plastic cup in the top too

Hand and feet aliens:  use your hand and foot to make a coloured paint print.  Decorate them with funny eyes, antennas and arms.

Space printing: use a selection of objects to print planets, starts, rockets and UFO’s onto black paper.






Literacy -

I have added some books into a folder on Epic, these include non fiction books about the planets and famous astronauts and some stories.

Can you make a list of what you would take to space?

Can you make up an alien language?

Hold a tea party for some alien visitors - make star biscuits, rocket jelly, moon cheese.  Draw pictures of your food, write invitations to the alien visitors.

Can you pretend to be an astronaut walking on the moon?  Can you pretend to be an alien?  How would you move?

Make up an alien and use words to describe him: colour, shape, number of eyes, arms and legs 


Have fun!! This is an excuse to watch Aliens v Monsters,  ET or Star Wars!!








Spring Term

Chestnut Class are not participating in Forest School or swimming this half term.  We are however doing Outdoor Learning every Wednesday morning. For this, we would appreciate if you could send in spare appropriate clothing and uniform including socks to change back into. 

Our topic for this term has been “Town Mouse and Country Mouse”.  We visited Ashton on the bus and then Saddleworth and Piethorne Reservoir in the minibus.  We used our iPads to take photographs of features of town and country and we used these to make collages.  We then looked at maps and aerial photographs of the two areas, looking at familiar features and comparing the two.  We used Clips on our iPads to make a video about town and country.  We have been comparing similarities and differences between town and country and saying what we like and dislike about them.   We have been looking at the work of the artist Ton Schulten and we made our own versions of his painted town and country landscapes. We have also been working with Mr Large this half term and are building a model of a town and country.

In Science we have been looking at habitats.  We began by looking at plant and animals that live near our school, then locally, before looking at animals in the Polar Regions, Rainforest and Safari.  We particularly enjoyed investigating how a polar bear keeps warm.  We have also sorting living and non living, plants and animals and then categorised mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.

For our Maths topic we have become experts at making a tally to record information.  We then used this information to make and interpret simple pictograms and block graphs.  This half term we are looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

In PSHE we have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy.  We started with healthy eating, keeping fit and exercise then looked at keeping ourselves clean, brushing our teeth and finally hand washing.  This can all be continued at home.

In ICT we have completed the SMART award.  This means we know how to behave online, keeping ourself safe and what to do if we see something we are not happy about.  We have also been using apps for coding and programming the BlueBots.   We also enjoyed making animations using Folioscope, iMotion and 2animate on Purple Mash for ICT week.  If your child has an iPad making animations with their toys or Lego is a great activity.  They can then put it into Clips and add a poster for it! 

Some of the apps that we love using in Chestnut Class:

Kahoot! - the children love this but you will need to help them/make up a quiz for them as the quizzes I made are only available when hosted live in class.

Google earth/google maps - the children have enjoyed zooming in on familiar locations and recognising places. They also like the street view and flyovers!

Clips - We have loved making videos and vlogs using this app.  Your child could make a vlog about what they’ve been doing.  Just remember to hold the red button for 3 seconds!

Purple Mash - this is a website which you will need a login for.  There are lots of games and activities in this which the children enjoy and are familiar with.  They like the mashcams, 2animate, 2type and 2createastory.  You can type in a subject and it will bring up all sorts of learning and activities.  There are also phonic and maths games

Other activities that you can do with your child is cutting skills, fine motor and gross motor activities.  If you would like anymore support or symbol rewards/strips making please ask and I can email them to you.  Please email on


Chestnut Class staff 


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