Maple Class Staff

Class Teacher  - Miss J. Birchall
Teaching Assistant - Mrs S.Austin
Teaching Assistant - Mrs R. Simmons

Autumn Term20/21 (Sept- Dec)

This term our topic is: Rainforest (Geography and Science)

The Most Amazing Rainforests In Australia - MapQuest Travel

Week 1: Where do we live? What is a world map?

Week 2: Where are the Rainforests? What animals live in the Rainforest?

Week 3:  What can you find in the Rainforests?/ What do Rainforest animals eat?

Week 4: How is where I live the same/different to the Rainforest? / How can you group the different diets of the animals?

Week 5: Animal food chains/ What rainforest homes look like.

Week 6: Food chains continued/ weather in the rainforest.

Week 7: Layers of the rainforest/ who lives in the rainforest?

Week 8: Comparing habitats to the rainforest/ why do some fruits only grow in the rainforest?

Week 9: Plants of the rainforest/ the journey of chocolate.

Week 10: Day in the life of living in the rainforest/ news reporters in the rainforest (conclude topic and learning)

Week 11: Conclude learning

Useful links;

The animals of the Rainforest

Virtual trip to the Amazon rainforest

People of the rainforest

Education city: Science- year 1 and 2 (links to plants, animals and food chains in games)



Cleveden Secondary School - Numeracy

Alongside our individual maths targets, we are exploring;

Maths mastery: Arrays and part and part whole models (calculations) 


Maths Application: Money


Useful links;


Part part whole models




Creative Literacy Workshops for Primary Schools

Our writing expectations are; 

Writing on the line

Capital letters in the right place

Finger spaces

Adjectives (describing words)

Full stops

Verbs (doing words)


Useful Links;


Speaking and Listening

Speak And Listen Clipart

This term we are focusing on;

Following instructions- Can you follow 1/2/3/4 stop instructions?


Useful Links;

What are information carrying words?

Communication model


Social and Emotional

Zones of Regulation Poster - Autism Awareness

We are working on the new whole school scheme- Zones of regulation.

We are understanding which emotions link to the 4 zones (red, yellow, blue and green).

We are understanding how to identify our feelings.

We are understanding the feelings of others.


Useful Links;

Simple song about what the zones are- 

Identifying emotions-

Some situations linking to the zones-

Other Information: 

Education city is an educational game based website the children have access to through their individual logins (if you do not have this login please contact the maple team)

Class dojo is a rewards system we use for children to earn points for prizes through hard work, independence, team work and being a good role model. We also use this platform as a communication system for any questions or reminders and for your child to share wow! work with you throughout their day. If you haven't connected to class dojos yet please look on the maple twitter page for the pinned link to join our class.

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