Maple Class Staff

Class Teacher  - Miss J. Birchall
Teaching Assistant - Mrs R. Holness
Teaching Assistant - Mrs R. Simmons

Spring Term 19/20 (Jan to April)

This term our topic is: Poles Apart (geography)

World Maps | Maps of all countries, cities and regions of The World

Week 1: Where do we live?

Week 2: North and South Pole

Week 3: Asia and Chinese New Year

Week 4: Europe- Spain and France

Week 5: Africa and Safari

Week 6: Australia, bush fires and WWF

Week 7: South America and Rainforests

Week 8: North America and Disney

Week 9: Oceans

Week 10: Weather around the world

Week 11: Conclude learning

Useful links;

Continents song

Oceans song

Facts about the continents



Cleveden Secondary School - Numeracy

Alongside our individual maths targets, we are exploring;

Maths mastery: Arrays and part and part whole models (calculations) 

Halving (fractions)

Maths Application: Time


Useful links;


Part part whole models

Time (for o'clock) 



Creative Literacy Workshops for Primary Schools

Our writing expectations are; 

Writing on the line

Capital letters in the right place

Finger spaces


Full stops

Conjunctions (green group)


Useful Links;


Speaking and Listening

Speak And Listen Clipart

This term we are focusing on;

Peer play skills

Interacting with a peer

Discussions with a peer group (green group)


Useful Links;


Social and Emotional

Zones of Regulation Poster - Autism Awareness

We are working on the new whole school scheme- Zones of regulation.

We are understanding which emotions link to the 4 zones (red, yellow, blue and green).

We are understanding which tool to use to be in the green zone (ready to work).


Useful Links;

Simple song about what the zones are- 

Identifying emotions-

Some situations linking to the zones-


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