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Welcome to Oak Class!


We are part of the EYFS and along with Ash Class we learn through play, both indoors and outdoors.  We follow a creative curriculum and are beginning to work on focused tasks in small groups.  Our weekly timetable is:

Each morning after register we enjoy our whole class sessions.  These are to encourage good speaking and listening skills as well as promoting attention and focusing skills.  Funky Fingers is to support the fine and gross motor skills in our hands and fingers.  We enjoy squeezing, rolling and pinching our play dough with Dough Disco, or we may be Squiggling as we wiggle! This half term we will be using our Squiggle Pads and Squiggle Sticks to draw along with Squigglet in 'Lets Get Squiggling'   Our morning ipad/IT session is where we learn new skills with our ipads.  Our ipads are used for cross curricular activities and learning at other times during the school day/week, but in this session we focus on our IT skills such as taking photographs, downloading apps and learning the functions of the ipad and how to use different apps.  On Wednesdays we love our music session!  During music we learn new vocabulary, how to play different instruments loud, quiet, fast and slow and we learn to copy simple rhythms. We enjoy listening to different types of music and use resources such as ribbons, scarves and the parachute.  On Thursday we share a story.  We like to read along and retell our favourite stories using storyboxes or Clevertouch versions.  Friday is our favourite day, we love Listen with Lola. Lola is a snow leopard cub who does not like noise.  We have to play Lola's listening games but they involve us being quiet, calm and careful.  She helps us to be a good listener and remember what we have heard.  Oak Class also enjoy the Magic Box and Bucket sessions which helps us to be focused and keep our attention.

After playtime most days we have continuous provision with Ash Class.  We learn through play and hands on activities.  During this time we are also learning to work in small groups on our Maths and Literacy targets as well as learning all about numbers, shapes and letters through our play activities and own interests.  Each afternoon we activities such as cooking, PE and outdoor learning where we love to investigate outdoors and get muddy in the process!


Due to the news of the latest lockdown, we will be delaying our Spring topic until all the children are back in class.  Instead we will be concentrating on individual skills and seasonal topic work.  We will be learning about seasons and Winter, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and Pancake Day among other things. Any remote learning will be sent weekly/daily via email, Showbie and Twitter



Our new topic for Spring 2021 is 'Once Upon a Time'. In this topic we will be looking at three traditional stories -                                       Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood.     PSED: We will be continuing to learn to play co-operatively with an adult and our friends.  We will be looking at the emotions of the different characters in the stories and say why they are feeling that way.  We will also learn about Chinese New Year and some of the traditions that are celebrated for it.                                CLL: We will be looking at and describing the characters from the stories, extending our storybook language and vocabulary.  We will also be responding to different texts, rhyming words and sounds in stories as well as naming and sorting objects into categories.        PD: We will be tracing and drawing straight, curved and wiggly lines to draw characters from the stories.  We will be tracing and writing our names and letters from the alphabet.  We will also be very active outside with our new gross motor resources!                                    L:  We will be sequencing pictures and captions from the stories, writing our own labels and captions and using storybook language to roleplay our stories.  We will be using 2CreateaStory to retell parts of our stories and make our own up.                                                    MD: As well as our number work we will be learning all about measure.  We will be learning and using vocabulary in relation to size.  We will be comparing and ordering pictures and objects by their size and measuring how tall or long objects are.                                            UW:  For Geography we will be learning about different locations such as forests, farms, hills and rivers.  For Science we will be matching and naming characters and animals and watching our own beans grow.  The technology aspect will be using our ipads to be creative.  We will be drawing and making up our own characters, retelling stories and making animations using different apps.  We will also be learning to use our photographs in other apps to make collages, posters and books.                                                                    EAD:  As well as taking on roles and retelling our class stories we will be using reclaimed materials to make models.  We will also be using a variety of materials to make collages and pictures and prints.                                                                                                        There will be lots of other fun activities based around the three stories as well as our individual and group phonic, reading and number targets.  We are looking forward to climbing the beanstalk!

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