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Welcome to Oak Class!


We are part of the EYFS and along with Ash Class we learn through play, both indoors and outdoors.  We follow a creative curriculum and are now working on focused tasks in small groups.  Our weekly timetable is:

Each morning after register we enjoy our whole class sessions.  These are to encourage good speaking and listening skills as well as promoting attention and focusing skills. At the beginning of the week we listen to our story for the week.  This half term we are learning about animals so the story will be linked to our animal of the week.  We will also learn some interesting facts about the animal.  Our morning ipad/IT session is where we learn new skills with our ipads.  Our ipads are used for cross curricular activities and learning at other times during the school day/week, but in this session we focus on our IT skills such as taking photographs, downloading apps and learning the functions of the ipad and how to use different apps.  This half term we are learning to code so we will be using programmable devices such as the Blue Bots, as well as coding on apps on the ipads.  On Wednesdays we love our music session!  During music we learn new vocabulary, how to play different instruments loud, quiet, fast and slow and we learn to copy simple rhythms. We enjoy listening to different types of music and use resources such as ribbons, scarves and the parachute.  On Thursday we have Funky Fingers.  This is where we use exercises and activities to strengthen our fingers and hands.  This half term we will be Squiggling with 'Get Squiggling' for some of the animals.  Some weeks we will be listening to music and making movements with our felt tips and hands.   Friday is our favourite day, we love Listen with Lola. Lola is a snow leopard cub who does not like noise.  We have to play Lola's listening games but they involve us being quiet, calm and careful.  She helps us to be a good listener and remember what we have heard.  Oak Class also enjoy the Magic Box and Bucket sessions which helps us to be focused and keep our attention.



Our new topic for Summer 2 is Where the Wild Animals are.  We will be learning about a different animal each week.  Our first day back after the Whitsun holidays we will be our own zoo with a class of animals!  I wonder who you will be dressed as?

For Communication and Literacy we will be using adjectives to describe animals, sorting animals into different categories, extending our vocabulary, sequencing stories and lots of writing about animals.  We will be looking at non fiction books about animals and making alliteration strings.

For Physical Development we will be using collage to make animals, drawing and painting our own animals and using scissors to cut.  We will be exploring our new resources in our outdoor area.

For Shape, Space and Measure we are carrying on with our measuring but looking at weight.  We will also be collecting and recording data about animals.

In Understanding the World we will be learning about animal habitats, features of their homes and the animals.  In IT we will be learning to code and debugging.


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