Willow Class Staff

Mr I. Slyvester Class Teacher
Mrs M. Raynes Teaching Assistant
Miss J. Ratcliffe Teaching Assistant

Current Term:


Summer Term:

This term is a little bit different!

We will be doing mini-topics for home learning including lots of fun, creative and physical activities to keep you all busy.

We will be sending out work packs out to you individually over email / post, and there will be regular updates over twitter.


The first mini-topic is:

SPACE / Aliens love Underpants


The next mini-topic will be:

Animal Safari


Previous Terms:


Spring 1

Our first topic this term:


Image result for three pigsLet’s Build!!

(Everyday Materials)

Science based topic with cross curriculum links Literacy and DT.


Learning Outcomes

To name, sort and identify uses of everyday materials through the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’.



In Science we have looked at different materials and their properties. We have been on a material hunt around the school, sorted materials by properties and tested the properties using a variety of simple experiments.

In Art and DT we have been exploring different materials to create the houses and the pigs. We have also designed a new and improved house for the pigs using different materials we have learnt about.

In ICT we have used 2Create a Story on purple mash to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs and a new app called Folioscope to make a Three Little Pigs animation.

It was also our assembly where we acted out the story of the Three Little Pigs.

Here is the song we performed:



Spring 2

Our second topic this term:


This is ME…

History based topic with cross curriculum links Maths.


Learning Outcomes

To understand the concept of time and to talk about the past, present and future relating to events in own life and beyond, using the appropriate language.




In History we have looked at changes in time and timelines. We have been thinking about all the fun times we have had in Willow Class and have created our very own Willow timeline. We have also looked at how seasons change and how humans change over time.

In Maths we have been sequencing different times of the day, thinking about days of the week, months of the year and using language such as yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Here are some of our favourite songs:




To continue this topic, we would have looked at the future, different past time periods beyond what we can remember and started telling the time on an analogue clock.




Our topic for the Summer term:

*this is the planned topic for the summer term. After Easter we will send out different weekly topics. 



Where's Wally? (@whereswally) | TwitterWhere’s Wally?

Geography based topic with cross curriculum links Geometry, and Citizenship.


Learning Outcomes

To show care and respect for the environment, to recognise natural and manmade feature of places while using simple geographical and mathematical language.



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