A Quiet Place is a beautifully decorated environment that our children, their families and our staff love to visit and enjoy the many activities offered including, massage, relaxation, art, music, drama, storytelling as well as calming techniques unique to each individual.
There is also an amazing computer programme to assist with our breathing techniques that will help you to feel calm.

We follow a six week programme called a Protocol, with the help of Parents/ Carers and Class staff we set little targets on how best to offer support. When the sessions are complete we meet again to discuss progress. This ensures that Parents/ Carers and Staff are informed on some of the techniques that have gone well. We have found this support is crucial in the progress of the pupils emotional well being and continued development and these close links have proved to be very valuable.

In classes we run Peer Massage and Ready Steady Learn to promote well being, friendship and appropriate touch i.e “kind hands”. These sessions also allow the children the opportunity to become focused and ready to learn.

Requests for A Quiet Place can be made directly to Our Facilitator – Mrs Wright or via your child’s Key Worker/ Family Worker/ Class Teacher.

Some of our pupil “Sparkly Moments”

“Every time I do my breathing I think about something happy and get calm.”

“When I went rock climbing, my breathing calmed my nerves”

“When I relax in the chair it makes me feel warm and soft in my heart”

Parent Comment:

“He is much more resilient and in control of his feelings, he now talks himself through situations doing caalm breathing”

“I love coming to the Quiet Place, I wish I could stay here all day”

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