What is A Quiet Place?





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How does A Quiet Place Work? 

A Quiet Place is a special place in school. Within AQP our trained staff follow a holistic structured learning  programme that promotes and supports Mental Health and Well Being for the whole school community and helps  develop Emotional Intelligence. We recognise that prevention, identification and early support are vital to mental health and well-being.


The AQP programme offers massage from a trained Bodyworker, calming techniques, relaxation, sensory toys, smells, magic button technique, art, music, drama and storytelling.  A Heart Math computer bio-feedback programme  is also used to assist with breathing techniques which helps to regulate breathing and lower anxiety levels. Support is offered to pupils, parents and staff.

 The AQP staff member is available to support children in crisis and is proactive in assessing the needs of individuals. They link closely with classes to ensure support is coordinated for each child and giving adults a better understanding of each child’s needs.



AQP aims to:

  • help pupils manage their own behaviour
  • reduces stress and anxiety and enables pupils to learn better
  • develop resilience and empathy
  • raise self esteem
  • develop confidence and awareness
  • support communication and relationships


Protocol programme

Identified pupils follow a structured six-week “Protocol” programme. Parents/carers and class staff help set targets at the start of the programme and revisit them at the end to assess progress.  We have found this support is crucial in the nurturing of our pupils’ mental health and wellbeing, and the close family links formed have proved to be very valuable.

All support is treated confidentially and permission is sought from parents. Advice may be given for further support or referrals to our school counsellor or external agencies if needed.

Non-Protocol programme

This may be a continuation of the protocol programme if needed to reinforce strategies learned or a few sessions for pupils who may require extra pastoral care for different reasons.

Class groups  

Peer massage and Ready steady Learn techniques are used within classes to promote mental health and well-being, relaxation, friendship, empathy, and to prepare pupils for learning.

How does A Quiet Place support our school community?

  • Massage and staff relaxation.
  • Staff learn to use calming strategies to support pupils’ emotions
  • Supports home/school links by supporting and empowering parents who are consulted and given proven strategies to calm and manage their child’s behaviour and sleep routines.
  • Parents can talk to someone offering confidential support for their well-being.
  • Data shows that AQP has a positive impact on pupil’s mental health and wellbeing and many of the technique’s pupils learn are transferred to home.

Sparkly moments  

Staff, pupils and parents are asked about AQP

               I am calm at school – now I need to practice at home (pupil) 

               We have noticed he is more confident now (staff)

                            I can use the Magic Button to help me feel better (pupil)

                                  I feel confident using some of the relaxation techniques at home and my child looks  forward to bedtime routines (parent)





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