Hawthorns Bodyworker: Linda Wood   -  1 day a week based in AQP

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is part of A Quiet Place programme introduced by the AQP organisation lead Penny Moon

Protocol pupils

Each half term up to 6 pupils can be referred for a 1 -1 weekly session with the AQP facilitator. They also have a 1-1 session with the Bodyworker.  Referrals are made by teachers, support staff, other agencies (e.g. Counsellor) or parents. Time spent with each child can vary depending on the individual child. Younger children start with short sessions, gaining their confidence and acceptance of AQP, building up to 30-minute sessions. After the initial 6-week protocol programme they may transfer to the non-protocol list to continue the support.

During the programme various sensory objects are used to develop understanding of touch (soft, hard, rough, smooth, squidgy etc.) This leads to massage which can be hand and arm, head or feet and legs. The child experiences all three then is allowed to choose their preference. If the child has no allergies (discussed with parents) an E45 base cream with essential oils including lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, orange, rose and t-tree is used. As a qualified Aromatherapist the Bodyworker can use the relevant oil for different situations e.g. Lavender to calm, lemon to uplift and energise.

The session also reinforces breathing activities, giving strategies to use in stressful situations.

Non-protocol pupils

Covers the same as above but non-protocol pupils are not part of the full AQP programme. These pupils might need support for specific reasons, need more time to overcome their fears of change in routine or need time to build up a rapport with the Bodyworker in the classroom before bringing them to AQP. Sometimes the class staff will support them in AQP until they are confident enough to come on their own.

  • Our youngest pupils visit AQP in 2s and 3s to experience what it is like once they have settled in to school.
  • We monitor success by completing  data which gives the children a starting position using facial expression, body posture, tension and eye contact and then revisit it after the 6 weeks to show progress in all areas.
  • All children in school will hopefully have an opportunity to visit AQP to experience the ambiance using the puppets, reading a book, relaxing in the den.

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