At Hawthorns, we believe that all pupils are entitled to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and our curriculum is designed to enable us to support our pupils to overcome their personal barriers to learning.

Our curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils within all aspects of their life.

It is designed to maximise opportunities for learning across the school day and therefore is not solely delivered during formal lesson time.

Personalised learning is a high priority and children are set termly IEP targets. These targets are based on assessment to identify next steps in learning and work towards the outcomes of each child’s EHC Plan. They form part of a pupil’s Personal Learning Plan and are incorporated into the curriculum for individual pupils and taught across the school day.

The curriculum content for the spine classes is delivered through carefully planned topics that ensure a knowledge rich curriculum where children are able to make authentic learning links and learn skills for life through varied, creative and engaging learning opportunities.

Each topic has a Science, Geography or History focus which places subject knowledge as well as skills at the forefront of teaching and learning. Opportunities to learn key English skills are embedded through each topic. Reading is taught both within the topic and as a discrete subject. Other curriculum areas including Maths are taught discretely or through relevant and authentic links to the topic.


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