Children at Hawthorns School have the opportunity to take part in Forest school. These sessions take place either in the schools own Wildlife Garden of off-site at a woodland site in the Medlock Valley
An increasing number of children in this country spend little time in wild places, and the philosophy behind Forest Schools is to get more children to engage with the outdoors. This is done through play, exploration, learning tool use and becoming increasing familiar with the range of trees, plants, animals and birds in the countryside.

Research has indicated that such activities assist greatly in the development of language, self confidence and problem solving abilities, as well as helping to develop collaborative working and social skills.

Sessions take place throughout the year, so that children have the opportunity to observe nature in all seasons, and most weather conditions. The only times that sessions would be suspended-for safety reasons- are when high winds or thunderstorms are forecast.

Forest School sessions at Hawthorns are led by a trained Forest School Leader, accompanied by class staff.

Forest Schools

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