Speaking and Listening

To speak and be understood; to listen and understand is a fundamental tool for life which so many of us take for- granted. For those who do not find the acquisition of communication skills easy, social interaction becomes frustrating and learning a chore.

At Hawthorns, the teaching of Speaking and Listening is an integral part of everything we do through highly structured Language for Learning programmes within Class thematic work, Cookery and Outdoor Learning. Total communication systems are in place throughout school including signing, symbols, and PECS where appropriate to encourage every child to initiate and participate in communication and interaction. In Addition, there are a number of 1:1 and small group interventions, such as Chataway, Chatterbox and Talk-Talk, all of which are delivered by specially trained staff and overseen by our highly skilled Speech and Language Therapist.

For children who require a more intensive language programme, there is a Verbal Behaviour Classroom. Children’s communication needs change over time and our aim is to provide a learning environment to meet the needs of every pupil whatever their development level.

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