For all children with a range of additional needs, the challenges within a classroom and school setting can be immense.  At Hawthorns School, we recognise that for some children, where these challenges become significant barriers to learning, and are deeply rooted in the domains of communication, regulation, sensory processing and socialisation, a specialised curriculum and environment will best meet the needs of these learners.
The specialised classes at Hawthorns School are; Rowan Class, Buds Class, Elm Class and Blossom Class. Within the classes we take a ‘tool box’ approach to our curriculum offer which means we develop our expertise in a range of evidence-based practices and approaches and draw upon these ‘tools’ to create meaningful and purposeful learning opportunities for each individual.
Within the specialised classes we pull all of the ‘tools’ together under the SCERTS model framework.  This ensures that while personalising the curriculum, we keep a shared focus on key areas of development, namely Social Communication and Emotional Regulation.
•    Key Approaches and Strategies
•    The Curriculums 
•    Classroom Environments
•    Working with Families

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