Teaching and Learning

‘A positive learning climate in a school for young children is a composite of many things. It is an attitude that respects children. It is a place where children receive guidance and encouragement from responsible adults around them. It is an environment where children can experiment and try out new ideas without fear or failure. It is an atmosphere that builds children’s self confidence so they dare to take risks. It’s an environment that nurtures a love of learning.’

Carol Hillman

This quote encompasses all that we believe about teaching and learning at Hawthorns School.

We provide an innovative Curriculum Design to provide breadth and balance and promote learning through creative learning opportunities, designed to interest, engage, challenge and excite children in their learning.

Teaching and Learning takes place not only in the classrooms but also in many different places and spaces within the school grounds, such as the courtyard, the wildlife garden, the polytunnel, the garden, forest school, the cookery room, A Quiet Place, the library, the dining room and the playground.

Outstanding learning opportunities are carefully planned to

  • build on prior learning with the appropriate level of challenge to ensure progress
  • provide support while promoting independence
  • build skills through real life experiences
  • prepare each pupil for life beyond Hawthorns.

Our mission statement, ‘Happiness and Success’ underpins everything we do.

‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’

Henry B. Adams

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