Task 1

  • Digital Footprint Every time you use the internet you leave a trail of where you have been. It is easy to for people to find things out about you. Take a look at the KidSMART website here and find out what we mean by a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT.




Task 2

  • Watch Chapter 3 of the SMART Crew





S – Keep safe by not giving out personal information online. Personal information includes your address, phone numbers and passwords.


Task 3 – Photo Information

  • It’s not just sharing your personal information through posts and messages. We have to make sure photos we take and share don’t give too much information about ourselves.



That’s right! This is personal information like what school you go to or how old you are.

What information do we get from these photos?






  • School Uniform

  • Where you live

  • Your group of friends

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