Hawthorns school Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs M. Thompson

Mrs M. Lochhead

Mrs D. Fitton

Mrs J. Sarno

Mrs L. O’ Shaughnessy

Business and Project Support Team

School and HR Officer – Mrs J. McCarthy

PA to the Executive Leadership Mrs L. Neild

Finance OfficerMrs C. Carpenter

Teaching School Lead – Mrs L. O’Shaughnessy

Teaching School Project Administrator -Mrs  J. Robinson

Receptionist – Miss D. Stopford

Receptionist – Mrs V. Crean



Ash/ Oak Class -EYFS

Teacher (Ash) – Miss L.Green

TA(Ash) – Mrs D. McGeoch

TA(Ash) – Mrs M. Raynes


Teacher (Oak) – Miss J. Melles

TA (Oak) – Miss K. Crean

TA (Oak)  Mrs R. Holness

Rowan Class

TeacherMrs S. Turley

TAMrs S. Shaw

TAMrs V. Lever

TA – Ms R. Hindle

Beech Class

Teacher Miss S. Finigan

TAMiss G. Horsfall

TA – Mrs C. Corfield

TAMrs D. Lee

Blossom Class

Teacher Miss R. Kay

TA Mrs L. Latham

TAMiss C. White

TA – Miss K. Fitchett

Elm Class

Teacher Mrs A. Cooke

TA Mrs S. Jones

TAMrs C. Kippax

TA – Mrs J. Davies

Willow Class

Teacher Mr J. Pointon

TA  Mrs A. Cottrell

TAMiss J. Birchall

Chestnut Class

Teacher Mrs A. Rose

TAMrs V. Adderley

TAMiss D. Mistry

Sycamore Class

TeacherMiss S. Lochhead

TA Miss K. Folden

TAMrs L. Gallacher

Specialist Support Staff

Teacher Mrs L. McMahon

TeacherMrs D. Fitton

TeacherMrs J. Sarno

TeacherMrs K. Chadda

TAMrs A. Whittaker

TAMiss C. McCormick

TAMrs M. Wright

Outdoor Education PractitionerMr K. McMahon

Music TherapistsMrs A. Royle, Mr R. Instone

InterventionsMrs A. Fahim

Additional Staff

TAMrs J. Davies

TAMrs J. Carter

TAMr S. James

TAMrs L. Storah

ICT SupportMr C. Alcock

Admin SupportMrs M. Smith

Body Worker – Mrs L. Wood

Counsellor Miss N. Denvos

Family Multi Agency Link WorkerMrs S. Jones

Cook In Charge – Mrs G. Phillips

ICT TechnicianMr C. Etchells, Mr S. Scott

Premises Staff

Facilities Manager Mr G. McCarthy

Cleaning StaffMiss S. Mawson, Ms L. Mountfield, Ms J. Kay